In L1FT it is all about increasing strength, both for resistance and running. You can expect incline work on the treadmills mixed with heart rate based interval training designed to give you a workout specific to your own current fitness level, increasing strength in your legs and improving cardiovascular fitness. On the floor you will be run through a series of exercises specific to that days focus, you can expect more compound exercises with lower reps and higher weights!

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STR1KE is the perfect class for working on your cardiovascular and muscular endurance. We use advanced lactate threshold & heart rate based interval training to achieve this, on the treadmills you can expect long intervals at a lower intensity with some mild inclines. On the floor you will be run through a series of boxing combos using our heavy bags and resistance circuits using lower weights for high repetitions specifically designed by our coaches to increase muscular endurance!

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At GA1N classes we are focusing on toning. You can expect to experience High Intensity Interval Training at its best using your unique heart rate stats to ensure you are never pushed too hard and only ever trained to your fitness level. On the floor you can expect a variety of both resistance exercises mixed with some explosive body weight exercises, in each class we focus on using a mixture of compound and isolation exercises coupled together in specific structures designed to stimulate muscle growth and tone.

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A hard hitting 60 minutes of boxing, weights and treadmill in a HIIT style workout.

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Steep inclines on the treadmill mixed with heavier weights on the floor, DEF1NE will build DEF1N1T1ON like no other class in the city!

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The perfect mix of fast paced bodyweight HIIT and Yoga. Ideal for those looking to burn the maximum amount of calories in the minimum amount of time, we finish the HIIT class with a vinyasa style flow to restore, balance and stretch out tired muscles.

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