Covid-19 Protocols

Stay Safe

Covid-19 has disrupted most areas of day to day life however where gyms are allowed to remain open we
have worked hard to ensure we offer as safe an environment as possible for you train in. We need your help and co-operation to maintain these standards.

Limiting the density of the number of people in the gym

We are limiting the capacity at our clubs to allow effective social distancing. Although hitting capacity is unlikely at most times, you may need to queue for a short time. We will introduce a booking system if necessary to prevent the need for queuing. Please see your local club’s Facebook page for more details of any further measures.

Try to avoid peak hours where possible (4pm-8pm weekdays)

Please keep your workouts under 1 hour where possible

Stop transmission of the virus through the air

Whilst in the gym we ask that you stay at least 1 metre from other members. One way systems will be implemented where necessary to reduce member crossover. Some of our equipment may be out of use to maintain safe distancing. The kit may be rotated regularly to allow deep cleaning.
Screens will be placed on reception desks to protect our staff. Training with a partner may be prohibited unless you are from the same household.

Stop transmission through contact and surfaces

Please wash your hands regularly. Wash your hands before, during and after your workout. Sanitising stations have been placed throughout are gyms and will be found near all touch points. Micro fibre cloths will be given to each member as they enter the club to be used to wipe down equipment. Cloths should be left at reception on leaving the club, to be washed by the club. Additional cleaning hours will be put in place by clubs.

Not ready to return?

If you aren’t ready to return please contact your club and request your membership be put on hold. This is free of charge.